Holly, thank you so much for your presentation to PHNAC for our conference. I have heard from so many that your story has touched them deeply and re-kindled the flame to pursue their passion. You are a blessing to so many. Thanks again for sharing with us! – Lynn Procell, President Public Health Nurses Association of Colorado

You have a wonderful message. Your story is very relevant throughout. Thank you for being an advocate of voice to the voiceless!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and adding enlightenment to our paths – Rachael Cansino – Advocates for access

Holly! Your heart for Jesus is amazing! You touched my heart and your message of love and kindness is what our world needs to hear! Blessings, June

Hi Holly, my husband Scott and I are here with our daughter, Sarah. Sarah has cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. She is 16 and is also non-verbal and uses a Dynavox to communicate. She wants to thank you for coming. She also wants to tell you that she loves Jesus too and liked your song. Thanks! – Julie

Holly, I am wanting to let you know that I loved hearing your story this morning. I am in the same boat as you meaning by having a hard time finding something I want to do after I graduate. Love to like your page on Facebook. – Calli

Hello! My name is Isabella and I am in 9th grade. I just wanted to say that your message was so powerful and it gave me a lot of hope for my future and I wanted to thank you for sharing it with people. By sharing your message, you inspire so many people, and you’ve definitely inspired me! I want to someday share my message with many people and sing to inspire too! I believe that’s what God has called me to do! I would love to talk with you more! Thank you for sharing your story and I hope we can stay in touch.

Thank you for sharing your story. Your profound truths are deeply inspiring. More importantly, thank you for your message of love and giving God all the glory! Indeed… Hallelujah! Blessings, Jennifer
Holly – This was beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your life and even more important – your faith. People need to hear about and see faith lived out. I am an assistant principal overseeing the transition program at Elim Christian School. It is a unique place full of beautiful students and staff. I would love for our staff to hear your story. The costs might limit that happening but please check us out online. Thank you so much. – Tim Griffin

Holly, thank you! You have such an amazing testimony on so many levels! You were a blessing to us thank you for sharing! You are all amazing. –Cinda

Holly, thank you so much for your wonderful presentation it was very insightful. You are absolutely remarkable and I hope you continue your journey education and enlightening others regarding anyone with disabilities. – Linda

Holly, thank you for your inspiration. I love your optimism and love for God. Kindness is something I’m trying to teach my 3 year old right now. Keep up the good work!

Holly, you are a true, living testimony that there is a lot of ABILITY in the world of disability. Thank you for being a light for all those with unique needs. God Bless. – Gerri

Dear Holly, Sharing your story and journey with us was so wonderful of you! I am an educator and you have reminded me of the importance of listening carefully and being a partner with students and students parents. Kindness matters! You are an amazing young woman! Thank you for sharing with us today! – Linda

Thank you for sharing your story Holly. Your song is beautiful and so are you! I have enjoyed this presentation! You are a special voice for people with disabilities! – Jayne

Thank you Holly for letting your light shine! You are a true blessing from God to many people. Your story is very inspiring. Thank you for helping me to see someone for the outside in.

Holly, I love how you are helping and loving others with your words! – Dr. Deb

Dear Holly, I am very honored to be present during a very special moment – a transformation of 200 women – all at once! And you’re the one who caused it! I love you! I would love to be friends. You and your family are amazing! – Olga

Holly, I adore you and your mom! You both have touched my heart over the years. I’m so grateful for hearing your voice. You are beautiful. – Katrina

Holly, thank you for reminding me what a gift it is to use my powerful voice. Thanks for the gift of your voice and your love today – Diane

Holly – you inspire me! I love you! God does love you! – Lyndsey

Holly, you have touched my soul today. Thank you for your heart and wisdom

Holly, I just wanted to express my gratitude to be able to hear your inspiring story has touched me! As a person who has chosen advocacy for a passion and career, you finding your voice and sharing it with the world is awe-inspring! Thank you for you love! Love, Jennine

This was one of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever had the honor to experience! The impact for me is about weaving spirit into my role in public health as well as my other role in working with women in transition, Holly you are spirit embodied in a beautiful woman’s body – what a gift! – Jamie
Holly thank you for signing my book. Thank you for sharing your spirit of love with all of us. You are AWESOME –Jo

Holly and Eileen’s presentation helped me to have a better understanding of what the thoughts and feelings are in the minds and hearts of people with special needs wow – what abilities!

Holly and Eileen, you have reconnected me to my platform to teach about LOVE – Jody

Holly- you are amazing and so inspirational! I wish my whole family could have watched you and your lovely mother present. Eileen, you are one in a million. Thank God for you and your family. – Melissa

I love your message. Thank you for reminding us that everyone has a voice and something to share. We need to help everyone have a voice.

Holly, through you I have learned that the only limits I have are the ones I put on myself! Much love to you! Thank you!

Thank you Holly. Your story inspires me to reach deeper into my heart and live in love. I am also inspired to love my children for EXACTLY who they truly are.

Thank you for sharing your love, it is a love that is so genuine and powerful. Within one hour, you have changed me. Thank you for sharing that gift. I am beyond grateful. Your perspective on life is refreshing, positive, inspirational, and absolutely beautiful! I truly appreciate you, thank you again for all the love you shared.

Dear Holly and Eileen, you both have found opportunity where there are barriers and challenges. I am so glad you came to talk to us. You soften hearts and focus on abilities and love. Eileen, as a mom who has experienced living in hiding and fear, I applaud your joy. Holly, you are precious because you show me barriers do not matter. Love and seeking the adventure called life matters.

The statement of “Knowing needs but not what they want” is a challenge for us every day to not just look (and meet) the needs but LISTEN to the wants. Good Reminder.

Thank you Holly for sharing your story and love and for the affirmation of focusing on strengths and abilities of others!

Holly, you are a true inspiration. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. God is using you for amazing work – you are a love ambassador. Love, Trish

Holly, you have helped me to understand that listening is an essential practice for public health nurses, educators, parents and members of a responsive community. Thank you!

Holly, you are a brilliant shining star. I can’t wait to see what you will share with us next! –Carolyn
Thank you for sharing your story, Holly. Especially about what lies inside each of you. It’s amazing how empowered you can make others feel. So many people can be impacted by your success – keep going with your message!

Holly, you inspired me to talk to my daughter in law about a hard time in our relationship. I know we both need to find our voice and forgive each other. I have never stopped loving her. Thank you for your empowerment.

Holly, such a beautiful story you shared with us. Occasionally I lose my voice and you’ve inspired me to keep finding it!

Holly, you are an amazing woman! You have challenged me today to continue striving to change the world. I work with children and you have helped me to see even more potential in those I serve. I am blessed to have been with you today. –Karen

Holly! What an amazing and inspiring young woman you are!! Your story is amazing and you have the ability to touch and teach so many people. I pray that you will continue to travel and tell your story. – Robin Trujillo – Director Baca County Public Health

Holly, you are so inspiring!!! You encouraged me to be a leader and that I can accomplish anything. You should be so proud of yourself!

I hope to be able to speak as publically and eloquently as you did today, Holly. I will remember you and work on overcoming my fear. – Lori

Holly, your words are the loudest in the room! –Maureen

Thank you Holly! God is using you in a MIGHTY way!! You reminded me that LOVE is from God and I need to love more.

I am overwhelmed and extremely touched by Holly’s patience and perseverance in not being able to verbalize her wants and needs for so long. It was a reminder to me to be patient and available to people when they are not ready or able to verbalize their needs. – Sara