With quiet determination and the help of an aide, Holly types one finger at a time, about what she believes to be important about life.

An example of Holly's engagements shines brightly through this story shared by Vanderbilt Univeristy School of Nursing. Click below to read the full article.

Advocate and nonverbal speaker to give VUSN Dean’s Diversity Lecture Jan. 14, 2019


Holly's keynotes are an expression of inspiration, conquest and determination. Delivered with her mother, Eileen Forlenza, Holly shares her journey to literacy.

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Holly has books, music, art and more all available to you to continue to be reminded of the love in the world. Excellent gift items for the people in your life!

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Holly's Wisdom

Holly shares her thoughts about the world around her, which can be quite profound. Follow her blog for regular updates, quotes, press appearances and inspiration!

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Holly Forlenza Has Never Spoken A Word

But she certainly has much to say. Diagnosed a the age of 2 with "severe mental retardation" and has never been able to express herself verbally. In 2011, Holly met Dr. Christi Kasa, an expert on Facilitated Communication, who recognized that Holly did indeed have literary skills even though she could not speak. Through years of patience and practice, Holly now types on an iPad with the assistance of her aids to express a message of love, hope and resilience.

Holly and her mother, Eileen Forlenza, share Holly's story with community groups, associations and corporations to inspire and advocate for others who are unable to speak. Holly's passion is to be a teacher of love and remind us all about tolerance, acceptance and gratitude.

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Holly and Eileen speak regularly in front of women's organizations, church groups and disability advocacy societies.