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Spreading Holly's Message of Love

Holly presenting
Holly's words of wisdom
Holly & Megan Burrt
Holly&Eileen Forlenza

Eileen has been recognized as a local and national motivational speaker for her messages about inclusion and perseverance.  Holly has written a book, a song and speaks alongside her mother about the power of love, inclusion, and perseverance.

Holly has had the example of her mother Eileen Forlenza to demonstrate just how to persevere and the importance of inclusion in all aspects of her life.  By the age of 28 Eileen had 3 children under the age of 6, one with the diagnosis of severe mental retardation, failure to thrive, and epilepsy.  She found herself forced to flee her marriage to the safety of a local safehouse.

At the age of 22, Holly was fortuitous to cross paths with a specialist, this specialist recognized that Holly was indeed literate.  This specialist was trained in facilitated communication.  Holly along with her aides and her mother learned just how to unlock the thoughts that Holly had longed to share for years.

How can a woman who is non-verbal be considered a motivational speaker?  A speaker does not have to be one who speaks verbally and, in this case, it is a miraculous gift that Holly chooses to share her message with the world.  Letter by letter, keystroke by keystroke, word by word the message of love, inclusion and perseverance pours forth.  To attend an event with Holly is truly to be in the presence of the gift of God’s love that Holly speaks so poetically of.

Together this dynamic mother, daughter duo delivers a message of fortitude, perseverance, love, inclusion, and wisdom that is perfect for any team building, community group, association, or corporation.  If you are looking to inspire and advocate for others who are oppressed and unheard than allow these women to help you and your team today.

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