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God Will Sing You Home

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Holly Forlenza’s silence ended after 22 years. She began typing 8 years ago via supportive communication and has been determined to create a platform to teach about love. Her message of hope, possibility, and love has been shared with audiences across the country, as she encourages all people to believe in themselves. In 2012, Holly wrote a song called “God Will Sing You Home” and with support from the community, it was recorded and distributed broadly. She also wrote a book titled, “Just Because I Can’t Talk Doesn’t Mean I Don’t Have Anything to Say.” In an interview, Holly typed the following message, “We need to be more loving. Tell strangers they are beautiful. You never know that someone might have needed that to get through the day. You can change lives one friendly smile at a time. Your kindness matters: you are powerful. You can. “With support from her mother, Holly is a sought-after motivational speaker and workshop presenter. You can learn more at

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